" Can You Trust Thomas Merton? " -- Article From 'Catholic Answers' Magazine

Here is a link to a very interesting article about Thomas Merton,
the late well known Trappist monk who lived in Gethsemane, KY in
a monastery. I have several of Fr. Merton's books, including his
popular classic, "The Seven Storey Mountain." That books is a
sort-of autobiography, including his conversion to Catholicism.
I enjoy his writings. He was a huge fan of Eastern religions &
wisdom, including of course, Buddhism & yoga. For this he has come
under a lot of scrutiny questioning his "catholicity." That is
basically what this article is about. 'Catholic Answers' is a very
solid, reputable apologetics' (defending the Catholic faith) mag-
azine. I love reading it & wish I could get a subscription again.
Well, check out this article and tell me what YOU think!

Can You Trust Thomas Merton? (link)

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