"Hitler's War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention "

I have not watched this entire documentary yet. As with a lot of the video's I post on my blog, I link them up here on a post so that I can be sure to watch them later. Not an endorsement whatsoever! I will not ever *ENDORSE* Adolf Hitler and Nazism! The same way I will NEVER endorse Communism. In my (and many others) opinion, Communism was/is a hundred times worse than National Socialism. Communism has murdered more people than Hitler could EVER kill! Both are st00pid ideologies. But what makes me even sicker is that so many ppl swallow the lie, wholesale, that Hitler somehow killed 6 million helpless European Jews. That is a myth that needs to be shattered once and for all. This magical 6 million number has been with the Jewish people for hundreds & hundreds of years. Anyone who knows how to use Google can learn this! Simply do some Google searches for "6 million Jews dead World War one." Yes, WWI. You see, the Jews have been screaming that 6 million of their ppl were in danger of being holocausted since the time of WWI!!! And then there's even more to this magical story. I'll let you learn it on your own. Remember, always use love!!! ♥

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