" Ancient Discoveries: Mega Structures Of The Deep "

Hello to all my friends on this fine Thurs afternoon! Feeling good today, feeling alive, feeling loved, and feeling useful! I still miss my lovely Vit. C a ton!!! I want to give up on her most days, but for some reason I keep trudging along! I think she's gonna come around at any moment. I don't want to give up only to find out that things were on the verge of changing! I want to be the one she kisses on New Years eve, from 2012 - 2013! Who knows if this will happen or not. I already have several offers for NY eve. Not sure what I will end up doing. Probably hanging out with my friend and watching a movie or two. I do think 2013 will be better than 2012! Though I have to say, this hasn't really been a bad year for me at all. They all kind of blend together. Viva la life! ♥♥♥

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