// Addiction Sucks //

I hate it. I'm sick of it. I know too much about it. I give up. I admit defeat. I'm done.

what can i do?  who can i trust?

who do i turn to?
am i alone?
where is God?
why won't He help me?
where is the Theotokos?
why won't she help me?
i cry to my mother.
i cry to the Most Holy Theotokos.
The bridge to Jesus.
in the Bible she is known as "the Mother of my Lord"
by elizabeth, her sister.
elizabeth is the mother of john the baptist, Jesus's cousin.
he baptized Jesus, yet felt unworthy of it.
i wish john the baptist would baptize me.
we are only supposed to get baptized once in the Catholic Christian
church.  in the Orthodox Christian Church we can get baptized
again. i really don't know too much about it, however .
maybe i need another baptism. who knows?
God knows though. He is the one who can remove this
addiction. Him & only Him. 
"There IS a solution!"  yes, there is.
love. love prevails all.
"always use love."  
always use love

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