"The Book of the Secrets of Enoch" Free .pdf Link!!!

Here I am posting a link to a nice pdf copy of "The Secrets of the Book of Enoch." This, from what I understand, is also referred to the "Slavonic Enoch." Not so sure of what that means but it's what I have been told. I enjoy reading the Book of Enoch, and I'm told this "Secrets of Enoch" is a different book, though it's related to the Book of Enoch. I don't quite know what else to say about it. I'm not a biblical literature expert, or extra-biblical literature or apocryphal literature or whatever it would be called. I am a Catholic Christian with a HUGE interest in all the apocryphal writings that surround the Bible! Who isn't though? LOL, actually many people couldn't care less about this stuff. But I have friends who aren't even Christian's or believers in Jesus' life, but they still have an interest in the Bible and all the mysteries surrounding the spin-off writings such as this. Remember the (three part?) book called "The Bible Code"? I have the first one, and my friend has either the first or second one also. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are three in the series. I haven't read my copy all the way through yet. But I have flipped through it and honestly it looks like a boring read. If I'm not mistaken it came out shortly after the "Davinci Code" movie came out. Yeah, that's when there was suddenly a HUUUUGE interest in all of this kind of stuff. Fine with me! Because even as a committed Catholic Christian, I still have a keen interest in it all. Remember, Always Use Love!
"The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (also called The Slavonic Enoch)" (link to a free.pdf)

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