" Orthodox Videos from 'TheMistAnchorite' " ♥♥♥

This first video is a short set of interviews & opinions on Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This is also a link to a playlist from a YouTube user, "The Mist Anchorite." Many of his (or her?) videos are great, though I have not seen all of them so I can't really comment. Check it out, learn more about the Orthodox Church, and form your own opinion. Personally I am Roman Catholic, but I have a shit ton of books written by Eastern Orthodox saints & authors. I love collecting icons and displaying them in my home. I pretty much agree with all of the tenets of the Orthodox faith, though I have yet to participate in a liturgy. I also love to read about the monastic area of Greece known as Mount Athos. Such a beautiful land and so mysterious! I am making it my life's goal to visit Mount Athos! Yes, that's a nice goal to have. I can die after that for I will have seen heaven. ♥♥♥

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