Real Eye Opening Documentary on 9/11--

Here we have a full length documentary made by I don't know whom, about the events leading up to the so called "terrorist attacks" of Sept. 11, 2001, as well as a thorough break down of the dis- aster itself. This is an incredible film! So very in depth and well researched. Anyone who considers themselves a patriot needs to watch this entire film at least twice. Take notes. cross ref- erence facts & people. Hell, even if you are NOT a patriot and you can't stand the USA, still watch this film! You will be in awe & I guarantee your jaw will drop as you get further & further into this documentary. Whoever made it is a brave soul or brave group of souls! This really blew my mind and helped me to completely do a 180 on how I viewed 9/11. All I can tell you now is that the entire thing was an inside job. It was perpetrated by the govt of America, most likely with the aid of the Zionist Israeli thugs. Sorry to break it to you, but you need to pull your head out of your ass and get with the program. Wake up, America!!!

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