Jew Watch Website & Some Words From Me About How I Feel About It---

An excellent website, with a terrible name!!!  LOL, if you are ultra-pc that is. I think the name is kind of funny.  "Jew Watch".......gotta keep our eyes on them jooooooos!!!  All jokes aside, this site has tons of great information on the Zionist pigs.   Plus, info on the dirty banksters (bankers + gangsters = banksters) the media elite, the liars at the helms of the TV and radio stations (radio? who listens to the radio anymore? LOL, I do all the time. And by all the time I mean whenever I'm driving.)  Just a ton of good information to keep your eyes open as to what the Jewish Zionist elite (read: the 1% all the liberals are whining about, but are too afraid to label! The 1% ARE the Zionist's! The Zionist's ARE the 1%!!!! Don't be afraid to say it! But then again it is exactly what the Jews want you to do---be afraid that you're gonna' get labelled "antisemitic.")  Heck, I don't like Nazi's or Neo-Nazi's one iota! But at the same time, the Zionzi's ARE the modern day Nazi's, with their oppressive tactics!  Israel & all her Zionzi partners, including many fundamental Christians who comprise the largest group of non-Jewish Zionists, are holocausting the Palestinians as we speak!  Israhell MUST be stopped, by any means necessary!

J E W W A T C H (link)

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