Iran's Ahmadinejad on Holocaust™

I like this man. He is NOT my enemy. He is a very intelligent scholar and he has every right to lead his country how he sees fit. He is smart enough to know that the Palestinians did NOTHING to the Jews in the supposed holocaust™ on 1939 - 1945 in Europe. Dr. Ahmandinejad knows that 6 million Jews DID NOT DIE in the holocaust™. Like most forward thinking people, he knows that these numbers were lies and they were concocted long before WWII even STARTED!!! Any monkey can Google "6 million jews dead world war one" and get some interesting results. Loads of information, pre-WWII, hell even pre WWI, on the supposed "6 million Jews killed." This number and this word, "holocaust" was being thrown around quite liberally prior to the start of WWII. Some articles from as early as 1914!!! If you don't believe me, Google for yourself. Then ask a holocaust™ scholar for a picture of a "gas chamber" and they will not be able to produce one. There are no pictures of any gas chambers used in the holocaust™ because there were no gas chambers. There are some buildings that they claim were used as a gas chambers, but they have flimsy wooden doors, windows, and show no traces of any homicidal gas, known as Zyklon B, at all! Scientists did tests on the interior walls, floors, and ceilings of these "gas chambers" and there was not one tiny bit of residue--no Prussian Blue (Google it) to speak of. The more research you do into this story, the more it begins to fall apart.

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