" Iran, Journey to the End of the Earth " Documentary

Excellent documentary on the country on Iran. I have been fascinated with this country for the past few years. I bought into the lie, like many of my fellow Americans, that Iran HAS or very soon will HAVE, at least one or more nuclear weapons and that they are an immediate threat to the USA. This is simply not true. It is all part of the misinformation & propaganda campaign being waged by Israel, and her main ally, the United States! Iran is a beautiful country, with beautiful people, a rich heritage, and plenty of beautiful art & buildings. They DO NOT hate Americans! However, it's plainly obvious that they DO NOT like our government. But heck, neither do I! They may pose a threat to Israel, however, since Israel is holocausting the Palestinian people as we speak! Israel is the REAL rogue terrorist nation, and THEY must be stopped! By any means necessary! Remember, "never again!"

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