Bob Marley "Legend" (full album for your pleasure)

    Sometimes people say, "what's the point in posting a full album, especially as one single track?" Well I say it's always good to add to the incredible amount of information on the interwebz in any way, shape, or form! If I can just be an additional speck in the online universe, by adding my two cents, an essay, a reprinted article, an old concert, an mp3 from my favorite band or gig, a book review, a piece of stolen or original artwork --whatever it may be--then I've fulfilled some kind of purpose in the world, just for today! It's never a bad idea to post a Bob Marley album! He had an incredible message of positive love and spirituality. He came from next to nothing and made something for himself (and his twenty children, or however many he left us!) So posting an entire album, linked form YouTube (a free, painless, almost effortless site) onto a free Blogspot // Blogger blog, is always a fantastic idea. Never dull, never bland, always packed with something to talk about, MASS//RETALIATION blog!!!

Quit being a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer!

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