DANZIG " Twist of Cain " [video with lyrics]

[Edit 1/20/2013]
-------> Here we have the very first song on the very first album by legendary punk rock/rock n roll band, DANZIG!!! I remember when this album first came out & the excitement & anticipation leading up to it's release. Me & Marc Galinis, my best friend growing up & in high school, skipped out on part of the day at school to walk to downtown Ann Arbor to purchase this record. I bought two copies on gatefold vinyl that day. I remember vividly being stunned at how "weird" the band looked in the center spread of the album! And by "weird" I mean "normal" and sleazy rock n roll/greaser type look. Greaser or long hair whichever. Chuck Biscuits from BLACK FLAG, D.O.A. and SOCIAL DISTORTION on drums, Eerie Von from SAMHAIN on bass, John Christ from no other band I'd heard of in guitar, and of course Glen Danzig on vocals. BUT, who cares how the band looked? This album, and the two albums after this, were AWESOME!!! OK, actually this one & DANZIG "II Lucifuge" were awesome. The third record was so-so, and everything after that wasn't really that great. I have to admit though, that I haven't listened to them very much and I can hardly name any songs from their third record onward. Which has me thinking, it's about time I listen to the entire DANZIG catalog, in one sitting! I think I'll do that right now. (My ex-gf just called my cell phone. I DO NOT want to talk to her. I've been doing just fine not thinking about her. I obviously didn't answer the call & have no intention of calling her back. Not now at least. It's time I moved on & try to forget about her. I'm doing just fine not emailing her or texting her. I'm not gonna' break my stride now! Nope, no way! She's treated me like shit, disrespected me, embarrassed me, hurt my feelings, and played me for a chump. I don't want her as a friend, girlfriend, or acquaintance. I'm perfectly fine without ANY of her presence in my life now!!! Thank God for willpower!)

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