DANZIG " It's Coming Down " [video]

>>>> [Edit 1/20/2013]

DANZIG video for "It's Coming Down." What album is this from? I suppose I could Google around or check back with YouTube, but I don't really feel like it right now. It's currently Sunday, Jan. 20 2013. It's cold as fuck outside, and almost as cold here in my apt. Plus, the fkn overhead fan is on. Why? What must we always have this damn fan on? Ah well, high class problems, as they say. At least I HAVE an apt., a bed, some clothes, a laptop computer, internet service, books, journals to write in, markers to compose art with, a cell phone to ignore ex-girlfriends phone call on, etc etc. I should be making a gratitude list every night, like I used to do on the regular. I'm having a hard time staying sober, this addiction is taking it's toll on me. I've been ultra depressed and in a lot of pain lately. Gotta do something, figure some shit out. I guess the last thing I need right now is some dumb bitch in my life to complicate things. God has found a way to keep all the st00pid bitches, cunts, idiot dykes and ex's out of my path for now. I must remember to thank Him when I meet Him. Whoever might be reading this, please pray for me. Or send me an email & ask how I'm doing. Maybe just to make sure I'm alive. >>>> Thx♥

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