Catholic Traditionalist Movement // Link to Edifying Website ♥♥♥

Here we have another fantastic 'Traditionalist Catholic' website.  These folks also have a small, but nice selection of books, pamphlets, & DVD's, etc, all priced very, reasonable.  I think I'm going to write them an old-fashioned 'snail mail' letter or just an email. They will hopefully send me some books & pamphlets. In case you couldn't tell, I'm getting more & more interested in the Traditionalist Catholic movement.  I'm also learning what I can about the 'Old Calendar' Orthodox Christian movement. Both of these "movements" are conservative by nature, & a little bit controversial.  For some reason both of these characteristics appeal to me (it must be the rebellious, outcast, ostracized punkrocker in me!?!) 

Keep on keeping on.  I love you all and you should all love one another.  Stop the hate!  Stop the violence!  Stop the arguing!  Stop the war (there is NO such thing as "just war!") ♥♥♥ 

Catholic Traditionalist Movement [external link] 

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