More Weird Dreams / Jail Guitar Doors

I no longer wear a nicotine patch to sleep at night.  Just don't really need it.  Besides, I was only using about 2mg's anyhow.  I would cut a 21mg patch into about 8 - 10 pieces and wear one of those small, small ones.  But nonetheless, I have had weird-ass dreams still.  Man, I can't remember the specifics of last night's dreams, but I keep getting that "elusive" feeling.  Like the more that I try to remember the more the dreams fades & fades away....Slipping through my fingers....

Sent out a letter & card to my friend Pat D. in prison today.  He recently got sentenced to 5 - 20 years state time.  He is currently housed in a psychiatric medium security prison in Whitmore Lake, MI.  Apparently this is one of our states adolescent prisons, formerly known as Maxey Boys Training Camp.  I'll find out the specifics of the prison from Pat when I hear back from him.  I hadn't seen him in a while so I looked him up on the MI Prison Info page and sure enough, there he was.  I'm sure he'll be excited to hear from me.  He's a good dude, just got completely messed up by the dual problem of drug addiction & bi-polar disorder.  Sent along a few icons & prayer cards, as well as some Catholic propaganda & a photo of me.  Inmates like this kind of stuff, to make collages with or use to aid in their prayer life.  I'll keep him in my prayers & you can too, if you're so inclined.

Also sent a letter to James N. who saw the parole board last month.  I think he'll find out real soon if he got his parole or if he got a flop.  But really, since he caught a new case while on parole (PV new bit) we're not expecting him to make his first parole date of March 2012.  One can always hope though, since he has a three year old son, his first & only, out here waiting for his daddy to come home.

And shot a letter & card out to my friend Eric L. today.  Eric will be coming home in Sept. of 2012.  He is eligible for boot camp but has yet to hear from them with the paperwork & specifics so he thinks he'll just do the time instead of messing with three months of boot camp & then three months out on a tether.  That state MDOC boot camp program is soft as hell these days!  Back in the mid to late 90's it was still rough going!  The corporals & drill sergeants put their hands on you, spit on you, knocked you down, picked you up, threw food at you, TOOK food from you, and just generally made life miserable for you.  From 5am until 10pm it was non-stop moving & hardcore p.t.!!!  Now it's like a behavior modification training program, with hardly any rough physical training!  It's actually called "MPRI" now.  That stands for the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative.  The only real good thing to come from that program is that you must work hard to get your GED while you're there & they will pay the first three months of your rent when you get out, allowing a chance for you to get your feet back on the ground.
I don't know--writing letters to my friends & sending religious propaganda & some of my artwork--seems like the right thing to do.  It's not that hard for me but it means a lot to them.  Anyone who's ever been locked-up will agree.

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