RVIVR & St. Joseph

,,,this damn band is so damn good!  I can't really pin point why I like them so much.  I haven't even seen them play, though they would be awesome, I'm sure, at a punk house in a hot, sweaty, humid basement with a low ceiling and a furnace obstructing your view.  Just the way I like to experience bands play.  But yeah, RVIVR are melodic, emotional, passionate hardcore.  Male & female vocals, mid paced hardcore with feedback sometimes.  Kinda pop-punkish at times with sugary vocals ala STRIKE ANYWHERE or INQUISITION (well of course those last two bands have the same singer, Tomas.)  So RVIVR has the excellent 7" "Derailer" out, the 7" "Life Moves", and the s-t LP.  Also, they just released the new 7" "Dirt Water."  This hasn't grown on me yet but I'm sure it will.
 OK, I'm outta here.....gonna' try and figure out this crazy dream I had last nigh, where I was going through the legal system being investigated for a murder that I DID commit a few tears earlier.  I mean I did in my dream, not in real life.  I woke up from this dream like five or six times, each time falling asleep and picking up right where the dream had left off.
Cheryl & I are going to the open-speaker AA meeting here in Ypsi at St. Joes hospital.  St. Joseph is my favorite saint, so I have no doubt he will be looking over us tonight.  He has in the past, so I'll be sure to ask him later when I spend some quiet time with the Lord.

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