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Earth First! Journal      Need to do a little more prodding around on this site.  I used to back them 100%.  Not sure what happened but I think I read about some negative, scandalous things they had their hands in.  Then again, I'm guilty of a lot of negative & scandalous things myself....though nothing illegal!

'Zine Scene Revolution      I found this while doing a search for the 'Phoenix Was A Mistake' fanzine.  I just re-read issue #2, and it was a nice little read.  Took me all of 11 minutes to read.  I've had it for about 11 years, so a minute for each year I've owned the 'zine seems fair!!  I have no idea how I arrived at that conclusion.  Also read the entire first (and only?) issue of "XHalfX" fanzine.   Cute 1/2 size cut & paste thingy, done by a woman named  XSeung WhaX   (yes, she has "X's" in her name..... apparently she's super, super straightedge!)  in 1995.  Interviews with Scott Vogel from DESPAIR (then later on, BURIED ALIVE & TERROR), just after SLUGFEST split up, and a guy from ENVY  (the American straightedge ENVY not the Japanese band of the same name).  A couple of rants on females in the hardcore scene & the benefits or downfalls of being vegetarian vs. vegan.   Lots of pictures of all your favorite mid 90's hc bands.  This gal is really enthusiastic about hardcore and seething out of her pores!   I wonder where she is now?   Was this just a passing phase for her, like the vast majority of hardcore kids from the 1990's scene?  Or is she still in love with hardcore?   I mos def realize hardcore / punk is a predominantly youth based scene or movement  (and if it is a movement where is it going?)  but that's usually because many "kids" seem to hang up their proverbial back packs soon after college or high school even.   A few kids, such as the one's who run record labels & play in bands sometimes stick around a lot longer.  Most, however, don't.  (why why why? Is it because "life" just gets in the way? carreers, parenting, family, boredom even?  Who knows!)

I'm currently re-reading "Binocular  Rebellious" (I can't tell what issue # this one is)  and it's fkn awesome looking!!!  The layout is crisp black & white, with lots of vivid drawings of oddly weird black ink sketches & crusty punks in various stages of intoxication.  Also some sweet looking mish-mash collages, of the crusty-anarcho-punk rock variety.   You know the type---pictures of George Bush, the Pope (I think), Hitler, Stalin, swastikas, anarchy symbols, & some pentagrams for good measure.  I like collages & sketches worthy of photocopier enlargement & framing......which is what I'm gonna' do!  Well as soon as I get out of the poor house, unless there's a way to scam free copies at Kinko's like back in the 90's.  Also in this little fanzine (literally --it's 3" x 3") are record reviews of BATHTUB SHITTER (gotta' be one of my favorite band names!), CAMEL (yes, the prog-rock band), URIAH HEEP, FINNTROLL (some kind of metal / crust band, from where I'm not sure), DISCIDER "Drinking To Forget The Future"  (I love that record title!).   Also, essay's on CRASS and "Maximumrocknroll" magazine.  There's a website  Here  but I think it has nothing to do with this 'zine, seeing as how this issue I'm reviewing in from spring / summer 2003.  The zinester's name is Sean and let's see if we can find out more about his current project (s), if any.

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